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Which 4 wheeler tires are right for you?

That really depends upon what your Quad tires are used for. If you need ATV Tires for everyday trail riding that provide a comfortable ride while having excellent tread wear, than we'd suggest a less aggressive ATV Tire.

If you need four wheeler tires for your quad or UTV that are more puncture-resistant to thorns and rough terrain, then the sidewall construction and the number of tire plies should be important to you. There are numerous ATV Tires made today that have 6- and 8-ply carcass construction that will provide a less comfortable ride than the lighter constructed 4 plies on the market, but they will certainly hold up longer to tough terrain.

GBC ATV tires have a great selection of products that provide aggressive bite, while offering tread patterns in both 6- and 8-ply construction. Check out the GBC Grim Reaper and GBC Spartacus, both in 8-ply; or the GBC Dirt Tamer ATV tire in a 6-ply construction.

Radial versus Bias ATV Tire Construction

Radial technology provides a smoother ride at high speeds, but bias ATV tires can better "bite" the terrain when greater traction is needed. This is due to the less rigid sidewalls which enable greater tire surface area to touch the ground.

When ATV tires aren't enough

If your 4 wheeler tires aren't enough to get you out of the mud hole or through the drift of snow, ATV winches and UTV winches from Warn can help you out when you get stuck. They make an ATV winch for any quad or UTV on the market in both a wire and synthetic rope style. Our staff is happy to help you select the correct winch bracket for your quad model.

We know that all the brand and size choices can be confusing, which is why we employ specialists with many years of ATV tire experience to help you make a selection that is right for YOU! Call us with any question you may have.

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ATV Tire Store has been in the ATV Tire business for over 15 years, selling the best all-terrain vehicle tires on the market. We carry all the major name brand ATV Tires including Carlisle, ITP ATV Tires, Kenda, Maxxis ATV Tires, Sedona, GBC, Dunlop and many others.

We stock over 20 brands in over 120 different sizes, which means our ATV tires are ready to ship the day that you order.

We pride ourselves on a knowledgeable staff and try to provide the best customer service possible, no matter what it takes.

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