4 Wheeler Tires

4 Wheeler History

4 Wheeler's, also known as ATV's, were initially developed in Japan as 3 Wheelers. These vehicles were used in mountainous areas as transportation to town from remote areas in the country. During the spring, these remote roads were often impassible with standard automobiles. These small all-terrain vehicles became a much better travel source and soon became a recreational vehicle as well. With a set of knobby 4 wheeler tires, these machines offered transportation that could go almost anywhere.

It wasn't long before the Japanese realized that these machines could be sold in the United States. Honda was one of the first manufacturers to export ATV's to the U.S.

Farmers quickly realized the value of the all terrain vehicle. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, I can attest to how many times we used our 3 wheeler and 4 wheelers to move livestock, pick up rocks, and carry feed to the cattle.

Our first ATV came equipped with Maxxis ATV Tires in knobby style. 25 years later, there are literally hundreds of different 4 wheeler tire tread designs to choose from.

We have a huge selection of 4 wheeler tires from the following major manufacturers:
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How do you decide which 4 wheeler tires are right for your quad or side-by-side?

First you need to know what you will be using the quad for. Are you using it in the field? Will the 4 wheeler be used mostly on hard surfaces? How much mud do you go through? The answer to these questions will greatly help you make the best choice. Remember that ply and type of construction are important considerations as well. If you need help with your 4 wheeler tire decision, feel free to call one of our tire experts at 1-877-410-8605.

We are not a website run out of someone's basement. Our inventory is in-stock - we have a large warehouse stacked from floor to ceiling with 4 wheeler tires ready to ship!