ATV Tires

Finding the right ATV Tires can be very confusing. When the first all terrain vehicles came out in the late 1970's, the choices were a knobby ATV tire or a knobby tire! As you can see from our site, there are literally 100's of choices in just tread patterns alone and then well over 100 different sizes to choose from today.

We don't just offer tires from Carlisle, GBC, ITP, Kenda, and Maxxis.

Whatever your brand,we sell it and we stock it.

We have a huge selection of ATV tires from the following major manufacturers:
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How do you decide which ATV tires are right for your quad?

The first question you need to answer is: What is the purpose of my 4 wheeler or UTV? Do you use it for off road use and muddy terrain? Are you a farmer and use your ATV for field use where corn or soybean stubble may puncture low ply ATV tires? Is the primary purpose of your quad for transportation on hard surfaces? Your answers to these questions will help us help you!

The most popular use for ATV's is off-roading. There are numerous off road ATV Tires to choose from. If you're off roading in usually dry conditions, we'd recommend a radial tire that provides a better ride especially at higher speeds. GBC ATV tires and Carlisle both offer excellent choices in radial tire design. The Carlisle ACT provides rugged terrain traction, while offering radial construction. This ATV tire is also made in the USA! GBC makes the Grim Reaper and Spartacus ATV tires that are both radial construction while offering superior steering characteristics and awesome bite in loose off road terrain.

For those of you that love mud and the challenge of seeing what your quad will go through, we sell all of the popular Mud ATV tires. Check out GBC Gator tires, ITP Mayhem or even the Kenda Executioner tires.

What about ATV racing? You bet, we sell race ATV tires too. What tire provides the best hook up? That depends upon which racer you talk to. That's why we offer all the name brand racing tires and leave the decision up to you. The ITP Holeshot tires are very popular but so are GBC X-rex and GBC Race Rex tires. As any good ATV racer will tell you, the condition of the track is a factor that you need to weigh before making your selection. Many racers go to the track with different tires mounted up and wait until the day of the race to make the final decision

Utility Type Vehicles or UTV's have become very popular in the last 2 or 3 years. Why? Because the manufacturers have created machines that are not only fun to drive and in many ways safer than most 4 wheelers, but these vehicles are also work horses that help you get the job done around the acreage or farm. Many of the larger sized ATV tires are made specifically for the large ATV's and for UTV's. Typically UTV's come equipped with 26 inch tires in both the front and rear. If you're considering replacing the tires that came on your UTV, we'd recommend an 8 ply rated tire in radial construction. Once again, the radial design will offer a better ride and even a better bite in off road conditions. Most side by sides come standard with 6 ply tires. While these tires are perfectly fine for jobs around the farm site, we recommend upgrading to an 8 ply to help prevent punctures when using off road. Remember, these machines are very heavy and are many times used for hauling items. 8 ply ATV tire construction offers a much greater load hauling capacity then what is offered on most side by sides straight from the factory.