GBC Afterburn ATV Tires

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GBC Afterburn ATV Tires Rear
Afterburn (Rear)
GBC Afterburn ATV Tires Front
Afterburn (Front)

Afterburn ATV Tires by GBC

Afterburn is a new high performance radial ATV tire that delivers uncompromised traction in both mixed and hard packed terrains. With its unique and aggressive tread design, Afterburn promotes superior straight line and high speed cornering capabilities, and its radial carcass construction also provides an optimum smooth ride. GBC Afterburn ATV Tires are sold individually.

Please note: Tires supplied may not have the model 'hot patch' graphic on the side of the tire. This is due to a change in production policy by GBC.

SKU Name Price Quantity Add To Cart
AE102107AB  GBC ATV Tire - Afterburn 21-7R10 (6 Ply) Front $48.68
AE102211AB  GBC ATV Tire - Afterburn 22-11R10 (6 Ply) Rear $80.99
AE122510AB  GBC ATV Tire - Afterburn 25-10R12 (6 Ply) Front or Rear $95.96
AE122608AB  GBC ATV Tire - Afterburn 26-8R12 (6 Ply) Front $102.41


GBC Afterburn ATV Tires are an inexpensive radial ATV tire choice. The 6 ply construction will help aide in greater puncture resistance as well. A great replacement tire choice.