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So why have you probably been hearing a lot about GBC ATV tires from your friends that own quads and others in the industry? In our opinion, it's because GBC has fast become the leader in the UTV and utilty quad tire market. They offer 4 tires with an 8 ply rating. No other tire manufacturer has that. The tread patterns of the Dirt Commander, Spartacus, and Grim Reaper are innovative and cutting edge. We strongly recommend that you take a hard look at one of these GBC ATV tires. They are priced competitively and are simply a top quality 4 wheeler tire.

Please note: Tires supplied may not have the model 'hot patch' graphic on the side of the tire. This is due to a change in production policy by GBC.

GBC Motorsports the official company name of GBC ATV Tires is owned by the Greenball corporation. This manufacturer has been making tires for a long long time but is fairly new to the ATV market. While they are somewhat new to the market, GBC ATV Tires have taken the ATV and UTV tire market by storm. We have been selling GBC tires for over 5 years and have had excellent luck with their products.

ITP tires may have been the first to the aftermarket scene, but GBC is the new force to be dealt with. The aggressive tread designs of the Grim Reaper and Spartacus are excellent examples of GBC tires that wear well while providing 8 ply radial construction that is second to no ATV tire on the market. Many UTV racers have adapted the Grim Reaper ATV tires for their Polaris Rzr due to it's ability to hook-up and strong sidewalls that help in cornering.

Utility Vehicles or UTV's are also used in many cases for work. GBC offers more 8 ply constructed ATV Tires than any other manufacturer. Sidewalls are easily punctured on UTV's due to both the heavy weight of the vehicle itself, and also the payload that these machines many times carry. As a result, many owners replace the factory 4 or 6 ply UTV tires with a GBC Dirt Commander, Spartacus, or Grip Reaper...all of which are 8 ply constructed. GBC ATV tires provide greater puncture resistance and greater load carrying capacity.

Dirt Devil is the most popular GBC ATV Tires. These well constructed 6 ply tires are excellent replacement tires for riders that want an aggressive low cost ATV Tire. Many experts suggest that the less stiff sidewall of a bias constructed tire, like the Dirt Devil, will tend to offer more "bite" in off road conditions by offering more flex which provides greater tire contact with the terrain. The Dirt Devil tires offer similar tread design to the popular Mudlite tire, but at a fraction of the cost.

For those of you that like mud bogging, the Gator by GBC ATV tires is a perfect choice. The lug depth of the Gator varies from 7/8 inch to 1.2 inches depending on the tire size. This inch of lug depth will help your Quad through any depth of mud!

GBC tires also make several choices for all you ATV racers. The X-Rex and Race-Rex both offer great race tread while again offering stiff 6 ply construction to aide your 4 wheeler around the corners without losing speed. The feedback we've received from our customers is that these GBC tires are as good as the popular Holeshots but again at a fraction of the cost.