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ITP has been making ATV Tires for nearly 30 years. They were the industry leader in building innovative 4 wheeler tires that completely changed the all terrain landscape. With the introduction of the Mudlite series of quad tires came the realization by ATV enthusiasts that quads are capable of doing much more than just putzing around the ranch. ITP ATV tires and "mudlite" became a household name among those of us with quads....much like the "Kleenex" of the tissue industry.

ITP Tires have virtually every type of tread pattern one can imagine available for various quad types and sizes. Mud, snow, dirt, sand....all are a non issue since ITP ATV tires will have an offering that will get your 4 wheeler through it!

ITP 589 

ATV Tire
589 M/S
ITP Bajacross ATV Tire
ITP Blackwater Evolution ATV Tire
Blackwater Evolution
ITP Dune Star Tire
Dune Star
ITP Holeshot ATR Tire
Holeshot ATR

ITP Holeshot GNCC Tire
Holeshot GNCC
ITP Holeshot HD Tire
Holeshot HD
ITP Holeshot MXR6 Tire
Holeshot MXR6
ITP Holeshot Snow Hog Tire
Holeshot Snow Hog
ITP Holeshot SR Tire
Holeshot SR
ITP Holeshot SX Tire
Holeshot SX

ITP Holeshot SXS Tire
Holeshot SXS
ITP Holeshot XC Tire
Holeshot XC
ITP Holeshot XCR Tire
Holeshot XCR
ITP Holeshot XCT Tire
Holeshot XCT
ITP Mayhem ATV Tire
ITP Mudlite AT Tire
Mudlite AT

ITP Mudlite SP Tire
Mudlite SP
ITP Mudlite XL Tire
Mudlite XL
ITP Mudlite XTR Radial Tire
Mudlite XTR Radial
ITP Mudlite XXL Tire
Mudlite XXL
ITP Quadcross ATV Tire
Quadcross MX

Quadcross XC ATV Tire
Quadcross XC

ITP Sandstar ATV Tire
ITP Terracross ATV Tire
Terracross RT
ITP Tundracross ATV Tire
Tundracross Studded

ITP Turf Tamer ATV Tire
Turf Tamer
ITP ATV tires was one of the first tire manufacturers to commit resources to the aftermarket ATV segment. ITP's famous Mudlite ATV Tire revolutionized the 4 wheeler world by launching a tire that was substantially more aggressive than anything else. The Mudlite tire picked up market share overnight and is still a very popular item.

The ITP tires brand is owned by Carlisle Tire and Wheel Company based in the United States. ITP ATV tires are also made in the USA. Carlisle continues to invest in research and development in an effort to launch new and innovative products that continue to enhance the ATV and UTV market.

What about ITP ATV Tires for your UTV?

The UTV segment of the power sports industry is exploding today just as 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers did in the 1980's. Utility type vehicles or UTV's are used for recreation and also as work vehicles around the farm and ranch, vineyards, and many other places. UTV's are a much heavier vehicle than the average 4 wheeler. This obviously requires a much more rugged tire to carry the extra weight and to also prevent punctures due to terrain that these vehicles travel over. There are several ITP tires that are made just for UTV's.

The 900XCT, Blackwater Evolution, Terracross RT, and even the 26 and 27 inch Mudlite's are perfect replacement tires for UTV's. Each of these ITP ATV Tires are made in the USA, are 6 or 8 Ply construction and are a radial design for a better ride.

ITP also revolutionized the sport or ATV racing segment with their Holeshot ATV tires. They were and still are the most popular sport tire on the's not even close! As ITP tires has proven, building a tire for racing is much more than just having a tread design that will hook-up. ITP has proven that ATV racing tires must have sidewall construction that creates cornering control. Without strong sidewalls, the ATV will lose speed in the corners when the tire "gives" too much, which will cause greater slide rather than forward speed.