Kenda ATV Tires

Kenda ATV Tires are listed by the tire name, below.
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ATV Tire Store will special order any Kenda tires we do not have in stock. All Kenda ATV Tires are sold individually.

So now the question becomes, which tread pattern is right for your machine and terrain condition? There are Kenda ATV tires made for every machine and any terrain. The new Bearclaw HTR utilizes radial technology while still having a similar bite to the best selling older version. For serious mud riding you need to look hard at the Executioner; while if you're planning on carrying heavy loads on your UTV, the Bounty Hunter HT could be for you. Kenda has well-priced products that stand up to the beating our users put them through.

Kenda ATV Tires are one of the most popular brands available today. In fact, we sell more Kenda then any other brand here at ATV Tire Store. What makes Kenda tires so great? We believe it is a combination of price and quality.

Kenda produces the popular Bear Claw ATV tires that are by far the most popular that we sell. They are a light weight 6 ply tire that really wears well even when put to the toughest of tests. Most Kenda ATV tires, like the Bear Claw, are great in several terrain conditions. Bearclaw tires can be used in mud, snow or most other terrains.

Kenda also manufacturers products for racing, side by side vehicles, simply knobby atv tires, and even hard surface ATV tires like the Speed Racer tires.

Kenda ATV tires ship the same day as you order from ATV Tire Store. We stock this brand heavily and only in rare back order situations will your order be delayed.