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Maxxis ATV tires have been around for a long time. In fact, the company was one of the first to support the ATV tire market with production of knobby tires for 3 wheelers. As the all terrain market continued to expand, Maxxis began building tires that suited both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive 4 wheelers. One of the most popular Maxxis ATV tires is the Bighorn, which was one of the first 6 ply tires on the market. The sales of this tire quickly exploded and is still one of the most popular 4 Wheeler Tires on new ATV's.

There is a Maxxis ATV tire for almost any type of terrain you can throw at your quad or UTV. Check out the new Ceros for your side by side, or the new M937 and M938 for an inexpensive replacement on your utility quad. Maxxis also supports the sport quad racers by delivering some of the best technology to the track in their new Ballance radial quad tires.

Maxxis ATV Tires are sold individually. Unless you are contacted by our staff, your order of Maxxis ATV Tires will ship the same business day as your order if placed prior to 3:00 CST.

Maxxis has been manufacturing tires since 1967. The company makes car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, lawn and ATV tires.

So why should should you care? We believe it's important to offer brands that are going to be around for a long time. Maxxis tires is a well diversified company that has the expertise to build quality tires and also has the financial stability to weather rough economic times.

What Maxxis ATV tires are right for your Quad?

Maxxis Bighorn tires are their most popular tire. This tire is suitable for heavy quads and side by side vehicles. The Bighorn tire offers 6 ply radial construction that provides superior traction and yet a comfortable ride. These Maxxis ATV tires are for mud conditions, or any other off-road terrain.

Maxxis also makes the entire Razr tire line-up. If you're a quad racer, take a look at these tread designs to help get you around the track! These Maxxis tires have become as popular as the ITP Holeshots.

Maxxis Ceros tires are also a popular side by side tire choice. These Maxxis tires are also 6 ply and radial constructed, while offering a smooth tread pattern often characteristic of 4x4 truck tires. This tire will steer nicely on your machine!

Many manufacturers are also adding Maxxis ATV tires to their new machines. For example the new John Deere Gators are coming equipped with Maxxis. Many now come standard with 27 inch Bighorns which are sold at John Deere dealers only currently. This was a dramatic change for John Deere since all the old Gators came standard with Carlisle HD Field Trax or Turf Tamer tires. The popularity of off roading in a UTV such as the Gator has become increasingly popular. To ensure adequate side wall rating and off road tread, they needed to partner with a company like Maxxis ATV tires to provide an aggressive tire that also had good sidewall puncture resistance.

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