Mini Truck Tires

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Mini Truck
Mini Truck

Japanese Mini Truck Tires

The tires listed here are approved for use with mini trucks and all come in 12 inch rim sizes. Carlisle All Trail is a commonly used mini truck tire, due to its stability and multi-purpose capabilities.

Listings are for tires only, wheels are not included.

Below are several different tread types and brands to choose from. Ultimately, the best Mini truck tires will be the one that fits your budget and has the load carrying capacity that meets your requirements. A 6 ply rated option will allow greater load carrying capacity than the 4 ply, while the aggressive tread designs of the Kenda Bearclaw or Sedona Mud Rebel will be much better suited for loose and muddy terrain than the All trail made by Carlisle.

No matter what you use your Japanese mini truck for, we stock the tires that will keep your truck moving!

AMS Swamp Fox Mini Truck Tire
AMS Swamp Fox
Carlisle All Trail Mini Truck Tire
Carlisle All Trail
Carlisle AT489 Mini Truck Tire
Carlisle AT489
Hi Run SU10 Mini Truck Tire
Hi Run SU10
Kenda Bear Claw Mini Truck Tire
Kenda Bear Claw K299
Sedona Mud Rebel Mini Truck Tire
Sedona Mud Rebel
Super Grip Diamond Back Mini Truck Tire
Super Grip Diamond Back
Titan 489 XT Mini Truck Tire
Titan 489 X/T

SKU Name Price Quantity Add To Cart
511-506  Carlisle ATV Tire - All Trail 23-8.00-12 (4 Ply) Front or Rear $92.87
589-329  Carlisle ATV Tire - AT489 23-8.00-12 (3* Ply) $89.54
082991215C1  Kenda ATV Tire - Bearclaw K299 24-8.00-12 (6 Ply) Front $62.61
570-4001  Sedona ATV Tire - Mud Rebel 24-8.00-12 (6 Ply) Front $66.89
230812DB  Super Grip ATV Tire - Diamond Back 23-8.00-12 (6 Ply) Front $132.35
411-329  Titan ATV Tire - 489 XT 23-8.00-12 (6 Ply) Front $74.99


What are the best Mini Truck Tires?

These light weight vehicles are many times 4 wheel drive and very versatile. With the proper mini truck tires these machines can be used for hunting, on the farm, at construction sites, and many other working conditions. Imagine having a vehicle that is as versatile as a 4-wheeler, while offering substantial carrying capacity in the cargo box. Remember to carry a spare mini truck tire in the event that you have a flat in remote areas!

Where can you drive a Mini Truck? Anywhere except U.S. public roads. They are for off road use only and many have speed controls keeping them from exceeding 25 MPH. Since used in off-road conditions, the mini truck tires you select should be selected based upon how "off-road" you intend to take these machines! An aggressive tire choice would be the Kenda Bear Claw, while a more average all terrain tire would be the Carlisle All Trail mini truck tire.

Can you put car or truck tires on a mini Truck? We suppose that you could, by why? Most mini trucks are 12-14 inch wheels which are standard ATV tire sizes. Besides that, the mini truck tires that a user needs are off-road tread. Most of these trucks are again used for farming, ranching and hunting purposes. There are numerous tires to choose from. If you need help selecting the tread design that would work best for your needs, give us a call at 1-877-410-8605.