Sedona ATV Tires

Sedona ATV Tires are listed by the tire name, below.
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ATV Tire Store will special order any Sedona tires we do not have in stock.

So are Sedona tires just another "me too" company attempting to offer more of the same? We don't think so. ATV Tire Store has been selling the Sedona brand for several years now. We judge quality by not only what customers tell us, but also by what they DON'T tell us! What we don't hear are complaints about Sedona ATV Tires or have warranty claims. No news IS sometimes good news!

Sedona offers a tread design for almost every 4 wheeler rider. The Bazooka tire is a great sport/racing atv tire that hooks up well while it doesn't break your bank account. The feedback we've received from customers is that it wears well.

Sedona Buzz Saw tires are a great UTV tire for Polaris Rangers, Yamaha Rhinos, Prowlers and any other side by side vehicles. It offers almost an inch of tread depth and 6 ply construction and superior radial tire construction. The buzz saw tire also comes in popular 26 inch sizes.

Sedona Mud Rebel ATV Tires are a great choice for off-roading where only an ATV mud tire is suitable. This tire is also 6 ply rated and offers good clean-out characteristics that keep mud from "balling-up" and reducing your traction. The Mud Rebel tire is also a much more economical choice than the popular Mudlite ATV tire. We believe both are great mud tires, we'll let you decide which provides a better value.

Some of the most common feedback we've heard over the last few months is that the Sedona ATV tires are reasonably priced. We agree. It's hard to find a better value for the money.

So which Sedona ATV tires are right for your 4 wheeler?

We believe the answer to this question is best answered by asking you a question. What do you intend to use your quad for the most? If you tell us the tires are going to replace what you currently have on your side by side vehicle, you want a radial tire with good clean out characteristics, then I'd recommend the Buzz Saw. If you need the least expensive tire in the line up and intend to use your 4 wheeler for mudding, then I'd recommend the Sedona Mud Rebel. So....ask yourself first....what am I going to use my quad for the most, and then call one of our customer service representatives at 1-877-410-8605 and we'll be glad to help you pick out the best 4 wheeler tires for your quad.